I have never worn make up, except on my wedding day.

I rarely wear dresses.

I don’t own a curling iron.

Or hairspray.

Or mousse.

My shampoo smells like nothing in particular.

I don’t even own perfume.

I shave my legs occasionally.

I don’t own a purse. I shove everything into my pockets and pray nothing falls out.

I don’t own any pantyhose.

Or high heels.

Or wedges.

The only jewelry I own is a necklace Mat bought for me last summer and my wedding set.

I don’t like romantic comedies.

I refuse to read Nicholas Sparks.


But – I am still a woman. And just because I am a woman in a man’s field, doesn’t mean I am only the secretary. I have opinions also. I am intelligent, I am resourceful, I am creative.

I let this group get away with it this time, treating me less than.

But heaven help whoever winds up in my group next time, because I will NOT let it happen again.